Who doesn’t want to be a Glossier Girl?


That effortless cool girl vibe that everyone lusts over seems so easy and is yet so damn difficult to achieve in real life.  Glossier’s perfectly curated Instagram exudes all of this and more. So who doesn’t want to be a Glossier Girl?  Though I have been aware of their presence in the beauty world for some time, the last few months I’ve been scrolling and filling my online cart with several of their covetable products.

My cousin gave me a sample of the cult-fav Balm Dotcom salve in coconut, which truly made up my mind.  If coconut isn’t your favorite (it isn’t mine) there are three other flavors to choose from: Mint, rose, and cherry.  I received the rose and cherry flavored for my birthday, and I LITERALLY can no longer live without them.  The universal salve is so hydrating and yummy that even though I don’t need to reapply that often, I do.

Glossier. Cherry Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve

Fast forward a few weeks, and I have to have more.  Taking advantage of the 24 hours of free shipping, I ordered the oh so popular Boybrow brow gel in blonde.  For those days when you don’t feel like putting a lot of effort in, Boybrow gives you that extra oomph.

Glossier. Boybrow in Blonde

Beyond the products themselves, the perfect packaging (and the cute little stickers!!!!) have me hooked.


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